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18 Things You Didn't Know About the Female Orgasm Page 2

#10 Most Women Have Faked It

Studies show that 60 percent of women have given an Oscar-worthy performance in bed (but 59 percent of guys think they can spot a faker, interestingly).


#11 Coupled-Up Women Have More Orgasms

Women in relationships tend to climax a higher percentage of the time during sex than women who are just hooking up, according to research. Don't let the "orgasm gap" hold you back. 


#12 Anxiety Can Keep her From Crossing the Finish Line

Super-stressed women have lower levels of physical arousal than women with normal stress levels, according to research. 


#13 Bummer Alert: Some Women Actually CAN'T Orgasm

An estimated 10-15 percent of women are anorgasmic, meaning they're physically unable to cross the finish line. 


#14 Some Positions Are More Orgasm-Friendly Than Others

Doggie-style is one of the best O-inducing positions for women. Why? It stimulates the G-spot (an ultra-sensitive spot on the inside of your vaginal wall) and your clitoris. 


#15 Orgasms Make her a Chatty Cathy

Ever wonder why you find yourself opening up after a roll in the hay? Blame oxytocin, a chemical that your brain releases post-climax.


#16 Your Nationality Might Affect Your Pleasure

A recent poll of Israeli women showed that 72 percent had crossed the finish line the last time they got busy.


#17 Orgasms Get Better with Age

Women ages 80 to 99 are more sexually satisfied than younger women, according to a study in The American Journal of Medicine.


#18 Simultaneous Orgasms Don't Just Happen in Movies

As awesome as it is to achieve your own orgasm, nothing beats reaching the big O at the same time as your partner. Don’t forget to shop at where we sell steaming hot products.











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