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Top 6 Sex Blunders You Should Avoid

Posted by Isaac Lony on

It’s said that anything can happen to you, so even the best lovers sometimes commit a funny blunder.

1. Anyone can be clumsy

You’re, without doubt, most happy when your actions in the bedroom are refined and elegant, and when every approach seems well trained and calm. However, sometimes it happens that the more you focus on the correctness of each movement, the clumsier you look. In men, for instance, this is most often demonstrated when undoing a bra because every bra can’t be undone in an instant and with one move. When you want to undo a bra in a professional and movie-like manner, it turns into an almost painful exploration of her lingerie. On the other hand, women often have difficulties when unzipping their partner’s trousers and taking them off, especially if he’s in a sitting position. Once a zip is undone, a punch in their face by the penis can take women by surprise.

2. Making strange sounds

Strange sounds during sex aren’t so unusual. Men have probably got used to all the possible sounds made by the vagina and anus, from releasing the air to the sounds of whistling, munching and snapping. The funny sounds reminiscent of opening a bottle of champagne or talking from the depth of a well can be made during fellatio as well. A man often makes strange sounds if they had a big meal before having sex, because it forces him to belch and break wind while moving his abdomen and during physical motion in general. In the event that your body makes a strange sound during foreplay or sex, it’s best that you avoid embarrassment by telling a joke or smiling.

3. When naughty words take a wrong turn

Arouse your partner with naughty and dirty words only if you’re certain that you truly master it. Namely, these words often tend to sound wrong and corny, which will have a adverse effect on your partner instead of additionally arousing him or her. Men most often say wrong words if they’re excited about their partner’s ‘big and soft but’ and women most often make mistakes if they use diminutives for his.traditional sense of the word. People in the throes of ecstasy contort their faces into strange shapes, make awkward sounds, and pant loudly like dogs in heat. This is not always cute. If her expressions and sighs seem measured and harmonized, rather than breathless and random, she's probably just rolling out the show she knows you want to see.

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